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Education: seminars, training, tutors, vocational schools
College of choice: Learn Freedom and Faith on Campus

Hillsdale College is out of step with much of what goes on at American Colleges and universities.

Our students, do not demand “safe spaces” where their views can go unchallenged. Nor do they seek to deny the speech rights of fellow students, professors, or guest speakers with whom they disagree.

Hillsdale College is committed, by its Articles of Association, to provide “sound learning” essential to preserving “civil and religious liberty”—in other words, a liberal arts education that proceeds by free and open discussion.

Another way Hillsdale is out of step today stems from its commitment, also in its Articles of Association, “to teach by precept and example the essentials of the Christian faith.”

In keeping with this, the College is building a grand and beautiful chapel, called Christ Chapel, in the heart of campus. It’s named after the Philadelphia church where many of America’s Founding Fathers worshiped during the Continental Congress. It will provide a much-needed place of worship for all Hillsdale students, regardless of denomination.

Hillsdale College   517 437-7341 | Fax: (517) 437-3923
  33 E College St Hillsdale MI, 49242 #EZ.35921 Exp 12-31
    Website Link:
    Larry P. Arnn - President, Hillsdale College   Email:  

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