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** Project - compelling story: content

It is extraordinary to be a national champion in anything.
And more so, when youare not only the singles champion, but the doubles champion.
And even more so, when you are the mixed doubles champion.

And to top that off, repeat ALL three, the following year.

meet Simone Jardim. What's her story? and how do we tell it so it is inspirational and details the difficulty and dedication to make that achievement...with all the distractions of politics, gender expectations, etc.

If that can be done, well, well, that's the challenge and I appreciate your offer to help.

When I was first married, I came from a typical middle class background from a small Indiana town and was totally sheltered from any stress. All I had to do to keep out of trouble was not do anything embarrassing and get passing to good grades in school.

So I developed a good agenda, avoided getting caught and until my first daughter was born, my only real test out of my comfort zone was Army basic training. After the third daughter's birth, it occurred to me I needed to pay a little more attention to other perspectives...and life actual hardships.

Telling a compelling story, kindle inspiration, also's a championship.

I can do that

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